Alphonsia’s heart wrenching story began 27 years ago after her labour failed to progress due to a breech presentation. When she eventually got to the hospital they discovered the fetus had two heads and had died. It was delivered by destructive means whereby the skull of the baby needed to be crushed to get it out. Dundekehosttho . A short time later she began to leak urine. She attended the hospital in the city where they did a tubal ligation and attempted to repair her fistula to no avail. Over the next three years she was shunned due to the stench and suffered excruciating pain.

Three years later she went to another hospital for an operation the stop the leaking urine – this was also unsuccessful. Over the next ten years she gave up hope of ever leading a normal life again. She had an operation to remove bladder stones that were causing her pain, but still the sharp pain persisted.

In July of this year Alphonsia came to Selian, where Dr. Andrew repaired her fistula and found the cause of the sharp pain to be a jagged fragment of bone, possibly left from the baby’s skull all those years ago. Alphonsia went home ten days later dry and pain-free for the first time in 27 years.