A visit from the Australian High Commission

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Story | 0 comments

On Friday, we had the  honor of having the Australian High Commissioner Alison Chartres and her colleague Maggie Nunan visit Kivulini Maternity Centre. They were introduced to a number of our Australian volunteers and midwife lead, Karenna Shaw who led a tour of the facility and introduced the team to our dedicated national staff. There was also an opportunity to meet recovering  fistula patients and women and babies accessing our high quality maternity services.

The population we serve are the poor and vulnerable woman who come from mainly the rural areas. They all receive free health care within the centre.

Australia remains a special part of Maternity Africa. Our CEO and founder, Dr Andrew Browning as well as many former and current volunteers are Australian. We also very privileged to have many generous supporters and donors coming from there.

Thank you your Excellency  for visiting us and making this day special in Kivulini.


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