My name is Mary.   I am 24 years old. I came from Emboreet. I am married and I gave birth to two babies. Only one is alive now, my five-year-old girl. I am educated to form four. I wanted to continue with school, but we did not have money so I could not.

My parents are pastoral farmers. They arranged for me to meet a man and I agreed to marry him. I have been married for nine months. My life is very difficult because my family don’t have much income. So, I started to buy fuel and sell it to make some profit.

On Wednesday, early the morning, I was with my family having breakfast. I started getting bad pain in my uterus and I thought I wasn’t able to control my urine. When I looked I saw heavy blood loss.

I was very shocked because I had never seen this problem before. My husband called the ambulance from our village health centre. It took me to the hospital where the doctors discovered that my baby had died in my womb.

I was still bleeding heavily so they called the Flying Medical Service from Arusha Airport. I was in so much pain. The plane landed and I was transported to nearby Kivulini Maternity Centre. There, I was taken to theatre for an operation.

If I had not come to Kivulini Maternity Centre I know I would have died. This is the first time I have ever had a problem like this. I thank God for His help and all of those who looked after me and saved my life. Thank you so much and may God bless you all.

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