After leaving Maternity Africa, Dr. Andrew went to South Sudan and operated on 30 women with birth related injuries including obstetric fistula. One of the ladies was Pudol. She is from the north and delivered her 6th child two years ago after a three day labour. He was born dead and she suffered a fistula. Leaking continually her husband divorced her and due to conflict she had to flee to a displaced persons camp. Unable to work due to her incontinence she’s been struggling to care for her five children. Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Boarders) found her and flew her to the hospital over conflict areas and roads closed with floods. A terrifying journey for her.

Her face shows how the operation went. Every morning on the daily ward round she would greet Dr. Andrew with a large smile saying ‘Bol ma fay’ ‘The urine is not coming!’.  All the 29 patients are equally joyous but we won’t know if they are completely cured until two weeks after their operations.

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