Last month here in Kivulini, we are delighted to have reached our highest number of deliveries within a month. We celebrate the high standard of care that our staff are committed to and the enormous work that has gone into attaining this outcome. We are well on the way to 200 deliveries a month!

So many of the deliveries are of high risk mums and are late referrals to the centre. This month one of our partner projects came across a woman, Elizabeth, who was having her first baby in a small rural health dispensary. She was in obstructed labour and was at high risk of obstetric fistula. The baby was in a life threatening condition. She was transferred to Kivulini where there was an experienced clinical team of midwives, a doctor, a theatre team and a laboratory technician standing by. Once the initial assessment was done, she was moved straight into theatre to have an emergency C-section. Both Elizabeth and her precious baby survived and are both healthy and have now been discharged back to their family and community.

We are grateful for another wonderful outcome and for all the hard work by Maternity Africa staff to make it happen.

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